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interesting suggestions for visitors to Seville

Description of Sevilla:

Located south of the Iberian Peninsula, Seville is the capital of Andalusia, a city where more than half a million people live and furrowed by the waters of the Guadalquivir. Sevilla overflowing joy from every pore, from the most typical to the flamenco nights celebrations, bullfights and afternoon coffee. Stroll through its extensive old town, with narrow streets, squares and historic buildings ...

From La Giralda to the Archivo de Indias, declared World Heritage Site, the architecture of the city surprises visitors for its wealth and majesty. Seville is a city of strong character and such festivals as the Feria de Abril. Here each neighborhood has its own history and character, from Triana Santa Cruz ... But do not stay only in Sevilla, you can visit monumental cities starting from Sevilla, as cordoba (hour and a half drive), Granada (two hours drive) or go to the beautiful beaches of Cadiz (hour and a half drive).

Whats the weather lile in Seville?

It is well known heat raging Sevilla in the summer months, where the thermometer easily exceeds 40 degrees. But throughout the year find these temperatures. In autumn soften temperatures, with highs of around 25 degrees and lows around 11. In the winter we have a colder climate with tmeperaturas that can range from a maximum of 20 degrees and lows that can be around 0 degrees. Spring awakens again thermometers causing them reach the 25/30 degrees maximum. Therefore, depending on when the city visit, we recommend fresh clothes in summer and early autumn. Something warm for Fall later, coat for winter and light clothes from spring and summer. As best times of year to visit the city would be the Spring and Autumn, with milder temperatures, and it is precisely in the spring when the city dresses up to welcome thousands of visitors looking the famous spring holidays like Easter and Feria .The Spring may be the time of year with more visitors in Seville.Although in recent years we are seeing a significant increase in visitors to the city, and we can say that at any time of year, even in summer, tourists fill the streets of Downtown

The Spring Festival in Sevilla, holly week and La Feria

Between March and April passion held in Seville for a week , death and resurrection of Jesus through the streets of Seville brotherhoods processions where various Gospel passages are represented. It is a blend of tradition, art, religion and passion. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday through the streets of Seville various guilds with their respective passages, authentic works of art where we will find sculptures, some of the XVI century. The days of more importance focus on the Thursday and Friday of passion, taking the madrugá (morning of Good Friday) as the high point of Easter time. All processions have to do part of his tour of the Official Carrea, culminating in the Cathedral, so all should be directed towards the City Centre. The use of public transport in these two dates to go to the Center (bus, metro, etc.) is the best choise. Keep in mind that during Holy Week, and especially on Palm Sunday and the "madrugá", the influx of people in the City Centre is increased considerably, so we have to go prepared to "face" bullae that form. Comfortable shoes and patience to enjoy the magnificent Week Sant asevillana. Should be avoided if possible go with prams as the ride can turn into a nightmare, is not uncommon to see parents with broken faces trying to get out of jams real people with the cart in tow. .

The Fair is between the months of April and May It originated in a cattle fairs were held in the city in the nineteenth century. Gradually was transforming until our days as a meeting place and celebration among friends in the "booths". Some are private (houses) and public. For the visitor the option will be to enter one of the many public houses, Town Hall, districts, etc. There you can see the typical regional dances (sevillanas) and eat typical gastronomy of the place. To find the fair, visitors will be directed towards the bridge and cross sdelicias, fair begins just after the bridge. The premises are compueto streets with names of illustrious bullfighters (Gitanillo de Triana, bulb, etc) and srespectivas numbering. The main door is the famous home of the Fair that year house represents a famous landmark in the city. The fair lasts a week, from Monday pescaito fair or until the next Sunday, so the Fair also known as the City Efímera. The use of public trnasporte is recommended to access the site due to the existing overcrowding in the surrounding streets.

Accommodation and eat in Seville

Seville offers a wide range of hotels, hostels, apartment to stay during your stay in the City. In our accommodation section you can find the most suitable to their needs based on economic criteria, style accommodation, location, etc. We recommend that high occupancy dates (Primavera), is reserved accommodation well in advance because as leave it too late can encontrase difficulty to book something, having to settle for some inappropriate to your preferences accommodation.

As for the bars and restaurants offer is almost endless. In recent years they have proliferated by the so-called "Gastrobares" or restaurants modern kitchen with elaborate dishes, careful presentation affordable Center. In our Restaurants section will find a list of classics and Gastrobares Restaurants interesting.

Visit the broader historical-artistic Seville

Sevilla is perhaps one of the cities of Spain and Europe's most historic wealth and more monumental heritage, which is an advantage for the visitors, but this makes for better use of the visit and dig deeper into this heritage, coming recommending to mñinima quality information which will be to see. Otherwise much of interest visita.Del would be wasted just as convenient to get professional guides who can instruct them on what they are seeing, in order to take full advantage the visit.

If you have still not provided any tour guide, you can get in section of professional guides., Guía de turismo de Sevilla, Webmaster F.J. García, © 2014 F.J.Garcia