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Principal monuments and buildings of Seville

Seville is one of the cities in Spain with the most spectacular and richest artistic and historic heritage. The varied civilizations that have formed part of Seville’s history have left behind an indelible mark here.

Thus the Tharsis, the Visigoths, Romans, and Arabs have all contributed to the stunning artistic heritage at which the visitor will marvel.

Below I have set out a detailed description of the 10 places or monuments I consider the most interesting for any visitor. I will explain the most noteworthy points of their history.

It goes without saying that a tour through the historical quarter of Seville, one of the biggest in Europe, is in its own right an unbeatable experience.

This centre has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. Of all the historical quarters, the area which stands out the most goes from around the Archivo de Indias (House of Record Files) the cathedral, la Plaza del Triunfo and the Reales Alcazares. This zone, where you will find impressive monuments all around you, will take you back in time to the epoch of the Middle Ages. You will understand the splendour of Seville in the Spanish golden century, when considered the capital of the known world – it was indeed the gate for trade with the Americas.

What places should I not fail to visit?.. What to see in Seville?

The following is a list of monuments and sights a visitor must not fail to visit during their stay in Seville.

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