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Selection of bars and trendy restaurants in the center
Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions that Sevilla offers visitors is a wide gastronomic and culinary offerings of the best in Spain, where the typical Mediterranean food mixed with the latest trends in the modern kitchen. Sevilla Center is full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy delicacies and recuperate to continue the tour of the city. Eating or "tapas" is an art in Seville.

The "tapas" originated many years in Sevilla (some say that the origin comes from the cap he wore over the glass of wine to serve with an aperitif). This peculiar way of eating "Tapeando" is widespread throughout Spain.

Another point to note is the high number of "gastrobares" in the ultimso years have proliferated Seville, as opposed to the typical Seville tavern life. These modern restaurants are characterized by a refined appearance with avant-garde furniture, carefully detailing in the decor (slate plates, napkins negtas design, etc), and a menu with fine and fancy dishes.

There are two traditional taverns old traditional ways of savoring a dish in the center, one and the other, modern restaurants offering refined appearance and rich dishes.

Then select some restaurants and bars in both lines (traditional and modern)., Guía de turismo de Sevilla, Webmaster F.J. García © 2014 F.J.Garcia